Dizzy’s Dotty Team

Dizzycast: Dizzy’s Dotty Team 🙂




Role: Being a very important donkey.










Role: Everything Dizzy doesn’t want to do…which is everything apart from being a very important donkey….






Dizzy’s Discussion Members 


Jenny was diagnosed with MS in 1994 when she was 15 years old. She is married with two kids and often writes about the challenges that parenting with a chronic illness can bring on her blog. She also discusses her general day to day experiences, thoughts and feelings and about healthy living with MS. She also has an  irrational fear of chinchillas. 😂😂😂

Blog: trippingthroughtreacle.com Twitter: @TrippingTreacle




Robert was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 25 years ago and has chronic pain for nearly 4 years. He has learned many techniques and strategies that he writes about in his blog. Living with gratitude is one of his main strategies for a life of chronic illness.
Blog: a30minutelife.com
Twitter: @A30MinuteLife




Dizzy’s Guest Interviewee’s

Episode 1: Meg Lewellyn

Meg Snow profile pic 1

Meg was an active 37 year old with three young kids when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Ten years have passed, her kids are no longer little and she continues to find the reasons to laugh and smile at all this disease doles out. She believes that her kids are better people for seeing her embrace all that comes with the disease with a positive attitude. In her blog (bbhwithms.com) she talks about the good, the bad and the downright funny shit that happens when living with a chronic illness. She has begun to use cannabis to help with the chronic pain and is now also sharing her “MMJ Adventures” with her readers.

Blog: bbhwithms.com Twitter: @meglewellyn


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