Dizzy’s Dotty Team

Dizzycast: Dizzy’s Dotty Team 🙂




Role: Being a very important donkey.










Role: Everything Dizzy doesn’t want to do…which is everything apart from being a very important donkey….






Dizzy’s Discussion Members 


Jenny was diagnosed with MS in 1994 when she was 15 years old. She is married with two kids and often writes about the challenges that parenting with a chronic illness can bring on her blog. She also discusses her general day to day experiences, thoughts and feelings and about healthy living with MS. She also has an  irrational fear of chinchillas. 😂😂😂

Blog: trippingthroughtreacle.com Twitter: @TrippingTreacle




Robert was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 25 years ago and has chronic pain for nearly 4 years. He has learned many techniques and strategies that he writes about in his blog. Living with gratitude is one of his main strategies for a life of chronic illness.




Dizzy’s Guest Interviewee’s

Episode 1: Meg Lewellyn

Meg Snow profile pic 1

Meg was an active 37 year old with three young kids when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Ten years have passed, her kids are no longer little and she continues to find the reasons to laugh and smile at all this disease doles out. She believes that her kids are better people for seeing her embrace all that comes with the disease with a positive attitude. In her blog (bbhwithms.com) she talks about the good, the bad and the downright funny shit that happens when living with a chronic illness. She has begun to use cannabis to help with the chronic pain and is now also sharing her “MMJ Adventures” with her readers.

Blog: bbhwithms.com

Twitter: @meglewellyn

Episode 2: Christian Rolfe

 Christian is 41 and is from Maidstone. He was diagnosed with MS in 2007 which has progressed into secondary progressive MS over the last few years. Christian runs the facebook groups YUMS and MSed Up He enjoys the occasional tumble.

Twitter: @halabeme

Episode 3: Michael T


Michael describes himself as:

Soon to be 49. Diagnosed in 2009 with primary progressive MS, so over time I’ve swapped my little sports car for a sporty wheelchair! Frequent visitor to my local minor injuries unit and this is usually for stitches after impressive falls!

Self confessed geek who loves a new gadget, IT manager and husband to @wheelchichome who after I was diagnosed three months after we were married, turned her design skills to creating a fabulous yet accessible home.

Rattles when shaken due to the various number of tablets taken throughout the day and I’m also a Fampyra responder! Did I mention I’m a purveyor of all things Gin? Lurks somewhere in West Sussex.

Twitter: @mrwobblelegs

Episode 4: Robin Howard


Robin was born in Massachusetts, USA, and now lives in Alberta, Canada. She was diagnosed in 2004 with Relapsing Remitting MS and follows the Wahl’s protoco
Episode 5: Trishna Bharadia

Trishna is a multi-award winning patient advocate for chronic illness, hidden disability and specifically multiple sclerosis. She was diagnosed with MS in 2008 and despite having a full time job as a translator for a business information firm, she uses her spare time to work with with various stakeholders (including pharma, clinicians, other patients and the third sector) to improve support, services and patient engagement in the healthcare arena. She’s also a Patron/Ambassador for MS Society UK, Sue Ryder, ParaDance UK and the Cambridge MS Therapy Centre, and is a Committee Member of national support group Asian MS. In 2015, she put MS on the national map when she was chosen as one of just six people out of over 11,000 nominations to feature in a special four-part edition of Strictly Come Dancing on BBC1. She was chosen specifically because of her advocacy work and her approach to the MS diagnosis. Awards include: Eyeforpharma Patient Advocate Award Europe 2018, We Are the City Top 100 Rising Stars (Charity category), Woman of Achievement 2015 (Women of the Year Foundation), Sue Ryder Southern Women of Achievement Award 2015 (Volunteering Category) and MS Society Volunteer of the Year 2013.

Instagram: @TrishnaBharadia
Episode 6: Ami
Ami was diagnosed with MS in August 2013, after having her first major relapse in 2006. Ami has always been interested in the alternative side of medicine and has personally chosen to treat her MS holistically, and drug free for as long as possible. Ami’s love of complementary therapies as well as her search to manage her own MS symptoms led her to retrain in Bach flower remedies and intuitive led and channelled healing. Ami runs Honeysuckle Healing in Bristol UK and offers 1-1 tailor made treatments both in person and via SKYPE/phone (for those outside of the area). Ami believes in an individual approach to MS, looking at the person rather than the illness. She is passionate about self empowerment and supports her clients to access their own self-help toolkit for MS management. Ami’s treatments complement orthodox medicine and she believes in a holistic approach to healthcare. Ami writes a monthly newsletter which you can sign up to through her website, which provides wellbeing tips and features to support your journey outside of treatment. Ami also writes regular blogs, featured on her website. Ami believes that we are all individuals and feels strongly that we should be treated that way, especially in the case of chronic illness.
Episode 7: Cynthia

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