Dizzycast Ep. 4 A Dietary Dizzy

Dizzycast this month is all about diet! Which me and Dizzy know doesn't exactly sound the most exciting topic ever... 🙂 Dizzy just keeps saying her diet is the Ginger Nut Biscuit Diet... which unfortunately we're not discussing in this episode. 🙂 We're focusing instead on three diets that are designed for people with MS. Firstly, we're joined by Robin … Continue reading Dizzycast Ep. 4 A Dietary Dizzy

Dizzy Dotter and the Philosophering Ginger Nut Biscuit

It's World Book Day! And me and Dizzy have always loved the Harry Potter books. So much so that Dizzy decided she wanted to dress up for the day, and we've even made our own little version. Our one has turned out being very loosely based on the actual story (even though Dizzy seems to have decided it's basically the same...). … Continue reading Dizzy Dotter and the Philosophering Ginger Nut Biscuit

Dizzy’s quotes for ‘being you’

Happy Valentine's Day from me and Dizzy! 🙂 We decided this year to do a little post on: being happy, being you, for Valentines. Not everyone has someone to spend Valentine's with and we think showing love and compassion to yourself is super important. 🙂 We have put together our 7 favourite quotes for being you. 🙂 Today you are you, that … Continue reading Dizzy’s quotes for ‘being you’