Quotes for the days when there are no spoons

Last week me and Dizzy had a couple of days where we were completely out of spoons (you can find out more about the spoonie theory by clicking here 🙂 ). These days can be difficult and really frustrating, so we have found ourselves some quotes to help us remember why these days are super important for looking after ourselves, and that they should not be seen as wasted days. 🙂

dizzythedonkey spoonie

  1. Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. – Jim Rohn
  2. Be gentle with yourself, you’re doing the best you can. – Unknown
  3. Fall in love with taking care of yourself. – Unknown
  4. I realised this week that I just cannot do it all. So I will choose to do what I do fabulously. – Clinton Kelly (On these days, fabulously napping and watching Netflix! :))
  5. An empty lantern provides no light. Self-care is the fuel that allows your light to shine brightly. – Unknown
  6. A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything. – Unknown

dizzythedonkey spoons

Me and Dizzy hope you are having a day full of spoons, but for the days when they are hiding, what are your favourite quotes to remember? 🙂 xxx

43 thoughts on “Quotes for the days when there are no spoons

  1. laura bruno lilly says:

    In addition to your good ones posted, it helps me to know there’s SomeOne greater than myself who also cares for me:
    “All things work together for good…” Romans 8:28

    I’m rooting for you and Dizzy to get through this.

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  2. Positively Alyssa says:

    Thank you so much Heather for sharing these wonderful quotes! I hope you and Dizzy are getting some rest to get your energy back to where you want it! You and Dizzy always make me smile and I wish y’all nothing but the very best! Much love Heather & Dizzy and LOTS of hugs!

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  3. anne leueen says:

    Excellent choice of quotes Heather. I always like “Success is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm.” Winston Churchill. And I love your quote “Be gentle with yourself, you are doing the best you can.” That’s what I needed to remind myself of today.

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  4. Dippy Dotty Girl says:

    ‘The only people for me are the mad ones: the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who… burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow Roman candles.’ Jack Kerouac.

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  5. kag1992 says:

    Having anxiety combined with a bit of OCD is draining. I’ve been struggling for years now, emotionally mentally and physically. Telling myself to relax and that everything is fine does not really work. Sometimes it‘s really good to read something that will help you get through things and make you smile. These quotes gave me a boost and hopefully it will hold up to tomorrow. Thank you😊

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    • dinosaursdonkeysandms says:

      It is so draining. I find anxiety hard enough to deal with, I did have OCD quite badly when I was younger but thankfully it is much more manageable now. 🙂 I find telling yourself to relax not very helpful too, I start to get cross at myself for not being able to feel relaxed! I hope these quotes have stayed with you today. Sending donkey hugs. 🙂 xxx


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