Me and Dizzy are in love…with a cooling vest

Last month Dizzy and I got sent a cooling vest from the lovely people at ThermApparel. This is something we’d wanted to try for a while (heat makes our MS even grumpier than usual), so we jumped at the change when  ThermApparel asked us if we would like to try out their ‘UnderCool‘ (in exchange for an honest review). 🙂 Especially as Summer is nearly here too!

Dizzythedonkey cooling vest

The last two weekends have been super hot! And as we were pottering of to the sea side for the weekend, and we’ve been trying to do more exercise, Dizzy and I thought it would be the perfect time to start trying out our new cooling vest. 🙂

We weren’t really sure what to expect and a concern for me was whether the vest would actually fit. Me and Dizzy are very little and its hard to find things that do. But it fits!! We went for the extra small which fits really well and is hardly noticeable under other clothes. 🙂

We also found it really easy to use. I must admit I didn’t read the instructions (which are the shortest and simplest instructions you have ever seen), and I did start pulling out the cooling packs, but Dizzy soon stopped me and pointed out that you could just pop the whole vest in the fridge or freezer! No fussing around needed. 🙂 It only took about 30 minutes to freeze and we were ready to go! The packs also stay cool for about two hours.

We wore it for the first time to Hastings last weekend and had a lovely time. I was able to walk much further in the heat! We went in the shops, had a walk along the beach and even went on a little mini steam train (I do love a little mini steam train! 🙂 ).


Then this weekend Dizzy and I were out in the park doing our yoga with our new vest. It’s so light and slim, I didn’t even notice I was wearing it!

We did the plank position. I think Dizzy got the easier job here!

Dizzythedonkey yoga

Then we thought we would practice our balance by doing the eagle pose. 🙂

Dizzythedonkey eagle pose

Dizzy was very pleased with herself for her balancing skills…

Dizzythedonkey eagle

And then we finished off by doing some gentle breathing exercising. 🙂

Dizzythedonkey yoga 2

Thank you Sid Photographic for coming to the park to help us with the photos. 🙂

Me and Dizzy really love our vest! It means we can now go out and about in the hot weather without worrying so much about getting too hot. And as we’re trying to be abit more active and do more exercise, it’s also amazing for helping us to keep cool during these times too. 🙂 Dizzy’s just hoping they bring out a range for knitted donkeys sometime soon…. 🙂

Dizzy gives it 4.5/5 stars! (because of the lack of a donkey range… otherwise she said she would have given it 5 stars… 🙂 )

Have you ever tried a cooling vest and how did you get on with it? xxx

38 thoughts on “Me and Dizzy are in love…with a cooling vest

  1. Invisibly Me says:

    I never knew such cooling vests existed, how amazing! Good to hear the XS size fitted too as sizes can be hard to predict. Lovely photos – glad you & Diz got to go out to the park to test run the vest & do a little yoga too! 🙂
    Caz x

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  2. watchingthedaisies says:

    Dizzy is such a great support. I loved that you were both able to exercise together outside on the sunshine. We have had a four week heatwave here and need a bit of rain for the garden. Your cooling vest would come in handy. 😊😎 xx

    Liked by 3 people

    • dinosaursdonkeysandms says:

      Thank you. xx This one is designed well, and it’s velcro so you can adjust the sizing abit. 🙂 The heat can be so difficult, it really makes me dread the summer. But this and cooling spray are definitely helping. 🙂 Hope you’re having a lovely week. 🙂 xxx

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  3. Terri, Reclaiming Hope says:

    Thanks for sharing this information Heather! I didn’t even know they made these. I usually run more toward being too cold, but one could sure come in handy when I’m having one of my “private summers.” I’m glad it’s working well for you. The photos of you and Dizzy doing your yoga are lovely too!

    Liked by 2 people

    • dinosaursdonkeysandms says:

      Thank you Terri! 🙂 I only found out about them last year, as I usually run more towards being too hot, and was looking for things that would help. 🙂 Me and Dizzy are well kitted out for the Summer now. 🙂 Hope you’re having a lovely week. xxx

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Jeanette S. Hall says:

    My husband bought me one so I could wear it while going motorcycle riding with him a few years ago. My advice, do not soak the entire vest in water for 2 hours before wearing (I misread the instructions and did that!) Just add water as needed down your back. Mine is my life saver during the warm months of the year (any time except winter)!

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    • dinosaursdonkeysandms says:

      Mine’s a bit different, you just pop the whole vest (with the cooling packs inside) in the fridge or freezer! I expect I would have done the same as you, if mine was like that though. 🙂 It does make all the difference, makes hot days much more enjoyable. 🙂 xxx

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  5. Positively Alyssa says:

    I have thought a lot about getting a cooling vest. I am glad you and Dizzy were able to share some information about them, I am also glad they come in a xs. I loved the yoga pictures of you and Dizzy as well. Both you and Dizzy looked like you were having a great time. Both of y’all are gorgeous!! Thank you Heather & Dizzy for sharing this!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • dinosaursdonkeysandms says:

      It is hard when the heat really gets to you, I have a day or two of being ok and then it’s like the MS has decided, that’s enough fun in the sun for you! 🙂 xx Luckily my partner doesn’t like the heat that much, so we both moan about it together! 🙂 xxx

      Liked by 2 people

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