Dizzy on a little wander…

Me and Dizzy are on a little, getting ourselves out and about, mission at the moment. 🙂

After our relapses last year me and Dizzy have not been going that far (due to a muddly mix of wobbliness, anxiety and fatigue), but last month we decided to start venturing out on a little walk everyday. We won’t be walking any marathons just yet, but we’re definitely getting further than we use to. 🙂

This was where we decided to potter to for our little morning adventure today: 🙂


We decided to go the park and see the ducks!

baby birds

There were lots of little baby birds about. 🙂


Can you spot where the little baby bird is hiding?


Dizzy tried to get a bit too close to these two. We would have got a better photo but as soon as I took this one they started hurrying towards Dizzy at quite a speedy pace…


Dizzy was not to be deterred though, and soon found a grasshopper to make friends with instead. 🙂 Even if Mr. Grasshopper does look a bit surprised about the situation…


Dizzy then started getting far to adventurous and starting climbing up a tree! I told her that this one was not for a Heather.

dizzy tree

After managing to get Dizzy down, we went to see the swans. 🙂

white swan

Then Dizzy announced that she was a hungry Dizzy, and we decided it was time to potter home. 🙂


Do you have a favourite place to go walking? And why is it your favourite place? 🙂 xxx




60 thoughts on “Dizzy on a little wander…

  1. Walter Hughes says:

    I go to a lake near our house every morning to read the paper, devotional & have quiet time. They’re ducks & geese abound, much like in your photos.
    Dizzy best beware of the geese & their babies. Mama & papa goose can be mean.
    Thanks for posting your adventures.

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    • dinosaursdonkeysandms says:

      That sounds such a wonderful way to start the day Walter. 🙂 I think taking just a bit of time in the morning to relax can make all the difference. 🙂
      I think Dizzy has learnt her lesson after today. To just enjoy watching the geese at a distance. 🙂 They can move fast too! xxx


  2. anne leueen says:

    This looks like a very nice park. I love to see the geese and swans. We have a small lake near us and every year two swans nest there. Last year they raised two goslings that grew to full size by the start of winter. They all go away during the winter as the lake freezes over. But I have seen they are back this year and one of them is on the nest which is quite well concealed from the road in among the rushes.

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  3. Lucy Grove-Jones says:

    That is an excellent place for an adventure.

    I used to live somewhere that was not adventure adjacent. Walked had to be done along a busy road with pig-trucks swooping by, or not at all. Now I live somewhere I can wander to a few different parks, one with a pond (haven’t seen any swans though, mostly ducks), and even a coffee shop.

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    • dinosaursdonkeysandms says:

      It’s so true. 🙂 I definitely couldn’t have walked this much a couple of months ago. 🙂 The sun being out definitely helps too. 🙂 Dizzy is naughty, she’s always climbing up trees when she gets the chance! xx Hope you have a wonderful weekend Laura. 🙂 xxx

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  4. Chachel says:

    QUACK QUACK!!! That looks like a fun place to adventure in.
    Near my house I have a path near a river, in a forest, I go there all the time. But what relax’s, the most is sketching and taking photos for some reason 😁🌿🌷.

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  5. Camie says:

    Sometimes a little walk does wonders! The other day my son and I ventured to a nearby park and discovered a nature path we’d never knew existed, across from the park, connecting to the neighborhood there. There was even a pretty bridge over water to cross.

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  6. Invisibly Me says:

    Beautiful photos! There’s a park not too far from where I live where I like to take a wander, but I haven’t been in ages; awful really as it’s not that far at all. It’s peaceful but often gets really busy when the weather’s nice. It’s just so refreshing and calming and grounding because there’s a little water, lots of grass and trees and fresh air (rather than car fumes for a change). I can see why Dizzy likes to take a wander to the park to see the ducks! I think you’re doing really well taking a little walk each day and venturing a little further when you’re able to =]
    Caz xx

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    • dinosaursdonkeysandms says:

      That’s the only problem when the weather turns nice, and I don’t really like going to park when it’s all busy. Luckily this one doesn’t seem to get to busy. People seem to more visit the other parks near by (but they don’t have ducks!).
      And thank you. 🙂 It does feel such a positive step forward. 🙂
      Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. 🙂 xxx

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      • Invisibly Me says:

        I took inspiration from you and went to that park I mentioned – gorgeous weather, just sat there and had a little lunch by myself, people watched, did a little writing. Felt very positive for me too.
        I’m with you on the parks – I’d rather go where it’s a little quieter and has duckies than one that doesn’t!

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  7. alixinwonderland1993 says:

    I love walking my dog through our neighborhood! It’s fun to let him take the lead and choose our path (within reason!). We don’t go far (he’s recovering from a torn ACL and my fatigue keep us pretty close to home but we love the time outside! Gotta get that Vitamin D!!!

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  8. Garfield Hug says:

    I have not been getting your posts on my reader..sigh so I popped by to check. I am very happy you are up and about. Baby steps for walks is a good start. Good effort and lovely share of photos☺👍

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