Dizzy portrait.

Me and Dizzy cannot describe how much we love this! Thank you so much Elaine! ❀ xxx


Elaine's Blog

I follow a young lady called Heather who has a great blog called https://dinosaursdonkeysandms.com Β  Dizzy the donkey features in her blog and as such I thought it was time he had his own portrait and here it is. Keep up the great blog Heather you are a great inspiration to MS community and to everyone else too.


DIZZY, obviously he is more handsome in real life πŸ˜‰

6F8F1747-475F-4532-A972-D149A87D2CAA He was very patient.

51AEFABC-C9D0-4175-AB77-292B9AF3439E Finished result on A4

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22 thoughts on “Dizzy portrait.

  1. laura bruno lilly says:

    What a wonderful gesture, Elaine!

    Dizzy: you have a big responsibility now that you’re becoming a star…make Heather proud and keep on letting us know about life with (and without) ms….
    Heather: you’ve got a diva in the making, 1st the blog, then youtubes, then the podcast and now inspiring artists to paint her portrait! HA!

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