A few months ago me and Dizzy did a little post on Dizzy making a new friend , a little dog called Brock! Brock is a street dog from Bulgaria and even though he was very nervous when he first came here, he’s now really enjoying his new home. 🙂

Can you figure out where Brock’s favourite place is?

Brock having a little lie down on my bed.


Brock seeing what’s going on.


Brock watching telly in bed.


Brock wondering if it’s time for another nap yet.


Brock lying upside down in bed.


Brock in the bed.


Did you figure out where his favourite place is? 🙂 Have any of your pets got a favourite place? 🙂 xxx

55 thoughts on “Brock!

  1. Invisibly Me says:

    My cat’s favourite place is wherever you’re currently sat, he’d rather have you off it so he can sit there! My dog was very much a curl-up-on-my-bed one, I used to love having him snuggle there. Brock is gorgeous – glad to hear he’s settling in! xx

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    • dinosaursdonkeysandms says:

      Lol that made me laugh about your cat. He obviously thinks wherever you are sitting is the best place! It is lovely having a dog that cuddles up next to you in bed. He’s getting more and more over to my side though, theres not much room for me there now! xxx

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  2. topsyjkv says:

    Always any of my dogs favorite place has been in bed with me. When I left home Penny, the one of my parents pack who had chosen me, never wanted to go to bed with anyone till I went home for visit. Then when I got all my other dogs they naturally shared my bed with me. When I first spoke to now hubby before he first came to visit he was told that Bruno shared my bed, Bruno being 1 of those big roughy toughy Rottweilers, not lol,. It then became 3 in the bed everynight, till we had a Rottie each. Yes you guessed 4 somes then.
    Now we dog sit for a friend’s 2, they sleep with us.
    We just dog sat for neighbours 2 for a week, they slept with us.
    I just feel its a way of showing love to them.

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  3. cathysrealcountrygardencom says:

    Pets give so much comfort. I would be lost without my two cats.
    Border collies are famously nervy dogs and need a lot of attention and stability. When they feel safe, they are the most intelligent and loyal of dogs. Good luck in making careful friends with lovely Brock.

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  4. melroseequestrianservices says:

    Aw I love Brock he is so adorable 💕
    I think his favourite place is… the bed!!! Lol 😂
    My Buck loves to be on the beach, that is gis favourite spot in the world. He just sits there and stares at the ocean and makes me look out there too and wonder what he is thinking

    Mel x

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