A day in the life of a spoonie Dizzy…

This week me and Dizzy have been contemplating the Spoon Theory! With our new job we haven’t had enough energy to be keeping up with our little blog. This has made us think about the Spoon Theory and how it helps explain the lack of energy that comes with chronic illness.


So what is the Spoon Theory?

  • The Spoon Theory is a theory invented by Christine Miserandino.
  • It is used to help describe what life is like with a chronic illness and the limited energy that comes with it.
  • People that use the Spoon Theory are called Spoonies! 🙂
  • The idea is that each day you start off with a certain number of spoons and each mental or physical activity uses up a number of these spoons!
  • When these have run out you are out of energy to complete anything else. You can sometimes borrow spoons to do more but this means you will then be using up spoons from the next day!
  • Every day has to be carefully planned to ensure your spoons last you the whole day. This will mean many things won’t get done as you just don’t have the amount of spoons required to do everything that you would like too.
  • Each day you might have a different number of spoons and your spoon count can change during the day. You might suddenly lose them all after only doing a small task!

Dizzy thought to help people understand she would show you how she uses her spoons in an average day. 🙂

A day in the life of a spoonie Dizzy 🙂

Today Dizzy has 12 spoons!

dizzy0047 (3).jpg

Activity one= Waking up and having a little brush


After waking up Dizzy gets ready for the day by having a little brush (or a sneaky nibble at her brush when she thinks I’m not looking). 🙂


Waking up and having a little brush=2 spoons

Activity 2= Dizzy refusing to eat her carrots


Dizzy did actually look at her carrots this morning! But that was before she nibbled at one, spat it out and spent the next ten minutes pretending she couldn’t see them….

dizzythedonkey carrots.JPG

Dizzy refusing to eat her carrots=1 spoon

Activity 3= Going on a little adventure around the garden with her donkey friends


Dizzy’s friends haven’t quite got the hang of the Spoon Theory yet and Dizzy’s hoping this post will help them to understand it. We do now have a lot of spoons in the kitchen though. They keep bringing them!

IMG_2386.JPG Going on a little adventure around the garden with her donkey friends=5 spoons

Activity 4= Eating brownies!


Dizzy loves her brownies! And I gave in getting worried she would be hungry after her adventure round the garden. I left the carrots there just in case she changed her mind!

dizzythedonkey brownies

Eating brownies=2 spoons

Activity 5= Dizzy checking her twitter page

dizzythedonkey twitter.JPG

Dizzy loves twitter! She will either be posting pictures of todays brownies or looking at tweets of other peoples brownies… Looks like she’s even got crumbs on the laptop!

dizzythedonkey onespoon

Checking her twitter page=1 spoon ( and Dizzy’s realised there’s only one left)

Activity 6= Getting tucked up into bed


Dizzy’s been good today and remembered that she needs to save a spoon for getting into bed! Even this takes up some of her energy.

dizzythedonkey sleeping

Getting tucked up into bed=1 spoon

This is Dizzy’s day with her 12 spoons. If you had only 12 spoons to get through the day with what would you do with them? 🙂 Would your day look like Dizzy’s? xxx

70 thoughts on “A day in the life of a spoonie Dizzy…

  1. fearlessinjesuschrist says:

    For me, at least right now, I find if I intersperse resting periods after being active, I’m able to recover at least some of my energy. If I had to work full-time, that would be a problem! If I have a busy day, I definitely have to take one day off. Especially after I travel.

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  2. Mrs.S LDN says:

    Wow!! This is such a cool thing, I have never heard of it! I can see how it can really help! It really makes you stop and think about your day!! These past few weeks I really feel like I’ve been running round in circles and getting hardly anything done! Especially work wise!! Thank you for sharing and making me stop and think 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • dinosaursdonkeysandms says:

      I hadn’t heard of it for ages and then I kept seeing people talk about spoons but that just really confused me. I couldn’t understand why anyone would need lots of spoons! 🙂 It is a really useful way of thinking about it though and explaining it. I really like it now. Glad it’s helped and hope you’re ok. xxx


  3. anne leueen says:

    I think this is a marvelous post. I love the illustrations of Dizzy and how she spent or used up her spoons. I am glad to see you and Dizzy posting again. I had noticed your absence. When I was at my worst with the Systemic Scleroderma I can remember I had to be very careful about how much I did or I would be exhausted and then all my joints would flare up and I’d be pretty miserable. I wish I had known about the Spoon Theory then.

    Liked by 2 people

    • dinosaursdonkeysandms says:

      Thank you Anne! We’re only working 2.5 days a week but its just been making us so exhausted for the rest of the week. This weeks been abit easier so I’m hoping it continues. 🙂 We love doing our little blog and have been missing it. That sounds very similar to me except instead of joints flaring up it’s the dizziness and balance. I do think the spoon theory is useful and it’s a good way of helping others understand too. 🙂 Hope you’re having a lovely start to the week. 🙂 xxx

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  4. Garfield Hug says:

    Interesting share! I wish you and Dizzy a great amount of spoons in your new job! Stay strong and chipper and do what you can. Love the photos and the colorful spoons! I learnt something from you today. I suffer from an autoimmune disease too and I never let it get to me! Garfield hugs.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. melroseequestrianservices says:

    12 spoons… hmmmm….

    I’d ensure my sister was never ill – 1 spoon (she is well now) I smile
    I’d bring my mum back – 1 spoon

    I’d go for a long run in the country and see the birds and the tree’s – 1 spoon
    I’d eat out with friends and eat whatever I wanted – 1 spoon
    I’d ride both my horses and Freddy wouldn’t have arthritis – 1 spoon
    Eat icecream (boysenberry yum) – 1 spoon
    Eat Mac and Cheese – yum – 1 spoon

    Hike the el Camino (spain) – 1 spoon
    Make someone smile who is unhappy today – 1 spoon
    Rid my old border collie Buck of his arthritis and age and have him be a puppy forever – 1 spoon

    Be a better friend and family member – 1 spoon
    Take away someone elses pain – 1 spoon

    x Mel

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  6. thecobweboriumemporium says:

    I know the idea of the Spoons, and know how difficult it can be when you’ve only received a delivery of (say) 3 spoons for that day. Getting up, having a shower and brushing your teeth can sometimes use up all the three spoons depending on the problems and severity of them on that day.

    You are well supported, both in life and here on your fabulous blog. Know that people are rooting for you and would send spoons in bucket loads if they thought it might help.
    You and I know that the only help we have is the spoon deliver. And yes … if you do too much on *this* day then you absolutely won’t be getting 12 spoons the following day, which can make for a very interesting life when you’ve made plans and other people are involved! [sigh]

    These are the problems of working with a silly body.
    Sending great big squidges and buckets of love ~ Cobs. x 🌷🌷🌷

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  7. Elizabeth says:

    Dizzy is great at rationing her spoons. I should be so careful. Unlike Dizzy I sometimes end up without even a single spoon to change for bed and brush my teeth. I’m glad to read you’re doing a little better spoon-wise recently. The new job was really taxing you at first. But don’t forget you can’t spend every spoon there!

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Emma (Not Just Tired) says:

    Great post. Nice, simple explanation of the spoon theory. I always try and explain it to people and it comes out in a bit of a muddle! Loving hearing about how Dizzy spends her spoons ❤️.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Stephanie says:

    I love the spoon theory! That is how I explained what living with fibro was like to my kids since they didn’t understand why I was so fatigued all the time and couldn’t do all the same things that I used to do when they were younger. It was the best analogy that I could use with my 7 year old…using actual spoons to show her how much it took out of me to do things depending on how badly I felt on any given day. Of course now, I’m out of spoons mid-day with all I have going on it seems like!! People who have no idea look at me like I’m insane if I say I’m a spoonie!! LOL xxx

    Liked by 2 people

      • Stephanie says:

        I’ve been better. I’ve been having daily migraines for almost 2 weeks and blurred vision, but I think that it is because I’m spending 16 hrs plus on the laptop and the screentime is just killing my eyes. And my neck is just killing me from the horrible posture of sitting hunched over the pc too, which doesn’t help the headaches. I see my neurologist this week just to make sure that is what it is since when I have migraines I get really dizzy and nauseous, so I just want to make sure that is what it is. My coordination..hand coordination has been off too, just in my right hand, but my left hand has been having tremors at times, so I’m freaking out a bit even though the nurse said it could be from being exhausted since the last 2 weeks I only slept maybe 2-3 hrs a night with all the work I had to do for work and school. I felt like I was sleepwalking; drowning is a more apt description since I could barely get through my day without feeling like I was half-dead. I’ve rested this weekend, but it definitely doesn’t make up for lost rest. I need about 10 more spoons a day to get me to Dec 8th-the last day of my exams!! I hope you are feeling better than you were ❤ xxx

        Liked by 1 person

      • dinosaursdonkeysandms says:

        You are so busy! That’s ridiculous only getting 2-3 hours sleep. I don’t know how you’ve kept going! It does sound very likely that is what the migraines will be, especially with being on the computer that much. Whens your appointment? Is there anyway of lightening the work load? Weren’t you getting some help that was suppose to start the other week? I hope you can have more time to rest than you have been! Make sure you do look after yourself. Sending hugs. xxx


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